Biomarkers to Improve Targeting of Breast Cancer Prevention in Women with Atypical Hyperplasia

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Dr. Khan will be a site Principal Investigator at Northwestern University. She will collaborate on the recruitment and consenting of 42 subjects into the clinical trial to evaluate short-term changes in histologically normal breast tissue induced by oral tamoxifen or 4-OHT gel in women with AH. She will be responsible for a baseline evaluation which will include a detailed history, physical exam, blood draw, breast biopsy and administration of the BCPT symptom survey. Follow-up breast tissue will be collected during the surgical removal of the AH or LCIS breast lesion. For each biopsy, Dr. Khan will provide frozen tissue (3 cores if percutaneous biopsy), and 3 cores in a FFPE block, as well as an H&E stained slide and 10 unstained slides. The bloods and frozen tissue samples will be sent to Dr. Degnim in batches. She will also collect study data from the patient and medical records. Dr. Khan will be responsible for obtaining IRB approval at her site. Mayo Clinic will be the IRB of record.
Effective start/end date1/1/2012/31/24


  • Mayo Clinic (NWU-263646-04 Amendment 5 // 5R01CA237607-04)
  • National Cancer Institute (NWU-263646-04 Amendment 5 // 5R01CA237607-04)


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