Biomaterial Micromanipulation/Imaging System and Prosilia 2D Ion Source

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We are assembling a state of the art nano-micromanipulation system that will allow us to manipulate HIV virions and study their interaction with antiviral biomaterials that we generate in my lab. The system includes to MiBot nanopositioners, controller and a sensitive camera that will allow us to image fluorescently labeled viruses.

Prosilia 2D ion source. This instrument is the front end of a mass spectrometer and is capable of generating ions at atmospheric pressure and determining concentration maps of antiretroviral drug in mucosal tissues. The desorption electrospray ionization technology is a simple, sensitive, and versatile ionization method that allows for the direct sampling of surfaces without sample preparation and under ambient temperature and pressure conditions. We will use this instrument to map drug concentration in vaginal tissue from rhesus macaques that have been treated with drug delivery systems invented in my lab. Measuring the drug distribution in tissue is important to know so we can devise protective drug delivery systems to prevent mucosal transmission in men and women.
Effective start/end date3/1/141/31/16


  • James B. Pendleton Charitable Trust (Award letter dated 2/19/14)


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