Black Theology & Black Power at 50: Retrospect and Prospect

  • Traina, Cristina LH (PD/PI)

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We propose a conference and interdisciplinary
colloquium that will gather scholars, PhD and MDiv
students, undergraduates, and church leaders from
around the country, as well as members of the wider
Chicago community, to trace the implicit and explicit
legacy of the Rev. Dr. James H. Cone’s theology in
scholarship, activism, politics, culture, and religious
life. The invitation to apply for a Henry R. Luce
Responsive Grant in Theology comes at an important
juncture in the history of Black religious thought in
America and in the history of the relationship between
Northwestern University and Garrett-Evangelical
Theological Seminary. Dr. Cone, a prominent Garrett-
Northwestern joint PhD. Program alumnus, published
his groundbreaking book Black Theology & Black
Power in 1969, the year after the Rev. Dr. Martin
Luther King’s assassination. Its 50th anniversary, in the
midst of the Black Lives Matter movement and of a
period of reformist interpretation of Dr. King’s legacy,is an important moment for recapturing and analyzing
the tradition of radical Black Christian theological
critique that Cone’s book introduced.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/20


  • Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. (Agmt 7/4/2019)


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