Blackbody Thermometry with Quantum-State-Prepared Molecular Ions

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Recent developments in trapped molecule state control open up new possibilities for quantum sensing applications. In this work, we will use a broadband optical pumping technique to quickly and efficiently cool “alkali-like” trapped molecular ions into a target rotational state. For many applications, such as precision metrology and quantum information processing, it is desirable to work with molecules which are decoupled from the local environment. However, trapped and state-prepared molecular ions with a strong coupling to the blackbody radiation field are ideal candidates for quantum-jump thermometry of the local field. Such a local probe is of great interest for a next generation of atomic clocks and would represent one of the first quantum sensing applications of trapped molecules. Improvement of atomic clocks will play a role in an anticipated redefinition of the SI second and will open new possibilities in a number of areas including inertial navigation, geodesy, magnetometry, and tracking of deep-space probes.
Effective start/end date6/1/175/31/20


  • Office of Naval Research (N00014-17-1-2258)


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