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Artist Statement Filmmaking gives me a kind of feeling that nothing else does. The journey from the flicker of an initial idea to the final visual/audio/sensory experience is nothing short of magic. I make films to tell stories. The potential of a good story to stay with a viewer and impact his or her life in a positive way is a filmmaker’s greatest power and responsibility. Every film I make adds new creative content to the world. It’s important to me that this content is beneficial and inspiring to those who take the time to experience it. My biggest inspiration and thematic magnetism is the resilience of childhood spirit. I think that we can learn a lot from children, and the film medium allows one to explore childhood in an earnest, retrospective manner, while still maintaining its fun spirit. In my three years at Northwestern University, I have certainly developed a unique style. My style could be described as a bit fantastical, a touch of magical realism, a hint of something potentially disturbing, and overall, extremely detail-oriented. I feel that Blackfin will further push me to new heights as a director and storyteller. My past two films both starred child protagonists and had some animal appearances; Blackfin lives up those expectations. Blackfin, however, is a very pivotal point in my film education. It will challenge me in a way that none of my previous films have done. Blackfin is my thesis film. After having directed two other large-scale student films, I feel that my logistical/production nerves have finally settled. I comfortably know what needs to get done to make a movie; now I can truly concentrate on creating compelling characters and working intensely with my actors. Fantastic camerawork, production design, lighting – all of these are great. However, for my thesis film, I really want my audience to come away from the film feeling a resonance with Hunter. To execute such performances with my actors, I will be working closely with my thesis film advisor, Professor Spencer Parsons, during pre-production. He is a well-seasoned and talented indie film director. He has already provided me with a mountain of directing advice, and I will put it to good use on Blackfin’s set. In the long term this film has the potential to establish me as an up-and-coming director, as well as solidify my unique style as a writer and world-creator. Life after college is a big gaping unknown right now, and graduating with Blackfin ready to send off to festivals and to show already-established filmmakers would help me break into the independent film scene. My career goal is to be an independent writer/director. My personal goal is to positively impact others through filmmaking. As a director I feel that it’s not only important to create stories that are both enjoyable and thought-provoking, but also to lead an inspired and passionate film crew. Film is perhaps one of the most collaborative industries. I think that set atmosphere is just as important to a film’s success as its story and production value. A good set atmosphere is one where every crew member feels appreciated, heard, and involved. A good leader and director, especially a student director, listens to input and makes her crew a priority.
Effective start/end date9/1/148/31/15


  • Princess Grace Foundation - USA (2014 PGF-USA)


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