Blood-Based DNA Methylation Biomarkers of Acquired Platinum Resistance in Women with Ovarian Cancer

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The Matei group will participate in nucleic acid extraction and preparation for methlation analysis. Statistical analysis and correlation between methylation and survival will be performed at Northwestern (Matei and collaborator Kocherginsky). Data analysis, interpretation and correlation with clinical outcomes, bioinformatics and manuscript writing will be performed at Northwestern in collaboration with Dr. Nephew (Indiana University). Goals: The overall goal of this proposal is to identify patients that are most likely to benefit from epigenetic strategies. To accomplish this goal, we propose to analyze baseline and post-treatment methylome changes in PBMCs collected from women treated on the randomized phase 2 trial (NCT01696032), which we led and for whom clinical specimens and outcomes are already available. Ultimately, these findings will point to new strategies for patient selection and improve treatment strategies for a disease of critical need. Specific Aim 1To test the hypothesis that specific CpG site methylation is altered in PBMCs from patients with platinum-resistant vs. sensitive HGSOC. Specific Aim 2. To test the hypothesis that DNA methylation at specific CpG sites in PBMCs in patients with acquired resistance to platinum is associated with patient outcome and response to HMA therapy.
Effective start/end date4/15/214/14/24


  • Indiana University (8904//W81XWH-21-1-0281)
  • U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (8904//W81XWH-21-1-0281)


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