Building a cutting-edge epigenetic cancer research network and education capacity in Arab countries: Arab-American Frontiers Fellowship Sub-Grant 2000005775

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Interestingly, strong evidence has linked DNA methylation to human cancers. Environmental factors such cultural and socioeconomic background, diet and stress that have been found to be associated with increased cancer risk can affect the methylomic profile. However, methylation studies in cancer are largely understudied in Arab populations. Dr. Hou from Northwestern University, has an extensive expertise, using the Illumina sequencing technology, in conducting studies examining the role of methylation in cancer and is also expert in teaching and mentoring in academia. This collaboration with Dr. Hou will allow an efficient transfer of her knowledge and expertise in methylome profiling and bioinformatics analysis to AUB team and collaborators. This project focusing on capacity building and transfer of technology in cancer research between USA and Lebanon will be facilitated at AUB by the recent acquisition of an Illumina platform. Future plans are to acquire such a platform at USTHB. Importantly, it will provide a unique opportunity to increase access to specialized knowledge for participating faculty and then later to graduate students and other interested faculty.
Effective start/end date6/1/159/30/15


  • National Academy of Sciences (NAS Sub Grant 2000005775)


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