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Dr. Acosta will implement the mentoring protocol for the intervention sites as part of this study. This includes recruiting mentees, leading the monthly sessions, meeting individually with mentees and their research mentors twice, scheduling speakers and attending the training sessions organized by the study leadership. Near-peer mentors are the directors of Intervention A (with or without administrative assistance at their site). They are responsible for coordinating all aspects of the intervention including monthly series, mentoring, coursework, and networking. Near-peer mentors will be systematically trained in how to implement the intervention so as to preserve its fidelity. The near-peer mentors will participate in ZOOM facilitated onboarding training. For this training the near-peer mentors will be trained by a certified career coach and an experienced mentor coach so that they can be more effective in the delivery of the intervention. This training will be comprised of understanding mentoring relationships, effective communication between peers, and addressing conflict and miscommunication in mentoring relationships. The near peers will also be trained in the components of the intervention. They will review monthly series content and strategically how to invite speakers. They will review templates that have been created for the CEED Scholar presentations. They will also discuss the coursework to be taken and identify those institutions who do not have the training. Setting up networking opportunities through the annual Networking Kickoff and end-of-year Poster Session will also be reviewed. The near peer mentor rounds out the participants’ mentoring team by meeting with each participant and their primary content mentor at the beginning of the year to outline a Customized Career Development Plan that includes goals regarding publications, grant submissions, presentations at national meetings, and job plans. A follow-up meeting is scheduled mid-year to review accomplishment of stated goals.
Effective start/end date10/1/20 → 6/30/21


  • University of Pittsburgh (AWD00001053 (134698-2) // 5U01GM132133-02)
  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences (AWD00001053 (134698-2) // 5U01GM132133-02)


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