• Figlio, David N (PD/PI)

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David Figlio will carry out two types of research with the matched birth-school records. First, he will study heterogeneity in school policy effects for students from different family backgrounds, different early health status, and students in families that receive income infusions due to EITC or SSI at different times in childhood. Second, he will conduct studies of immigrants in education, also in the Florida context, including (a) which policies and practices work best for immigrant integration; (b) how do immigrants affect the education of natives; and (c) whether there are country-of-origin-specific factors that differentially determine the answers to (a) and (b). He will also use CALDER funding to explore cross-national studies along these lines, in order to determine the degree to which there exist similarities or differences in contexts other than the USA, and has budgeted for international travel to pursue these collaborations.
Effective start/end date8/1/172/28/21


  • American Institutes for Research (0443000005 // 0443000005)
  • Laura and John Arnold Foundation (0443000005 // 0443000005)


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