CAREER: Transformative mobility analysis: Mixed Methods framework

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My long term career goal is to combine behavioral and social science with mobility analysis to envision future cities that integrate public transit, active mobility, sharing and crowd-sourcing, and autonomous services. I aim to contribute significantly to both research and education in engineering by transforming future mobility decision making, ensuring that transformative technologies and services deliver public value and make cities more prosperous and liveable. The CAREER research goal is to define, measure and understand the dynamics of human behaviour and social practices to support engineering solutions for transportation innovation adoption. The research focuses on the umbrella of transformative mobility services, fueled by crowd-sourcing (e.g. crowdshipping), sharing (bike-sharing), and new technology platforms (ride-hailing) in both personal and goods mobility. Results from this project will establish a comprehensive mixed-methods framework of mobility transformation analysis, providing a leap forward in studying how societies adopt innovation. Tightly integrated with my research, the CAREER educational goal is to construct a multi-tiered education and outreach curricula at the intersection of behavioral science and engineering. This objective will enhance extant curricula, and provide a series of educational opportunities to help prepare future engineers and industry leaders to innovate and evaluate technical solutions that align with human behavior and societal goals.
Effective start/end date3/1/192/29/24


  • National Science Foundation (CMMI-1847537)


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