CareerAdvance: A Dual-Generation Programs Effects on Families and Children

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After building data collection infrastructure in Year 1 and developing data storage and analysis systems in Year 2, we will begin comparative analysis in Year 3 of the CAP Family Life Study. Additionally, we continue to add new cohorts (Cohorts 8 & 9) and follow existing cohorts annually (Cohorts 4-7). The CAP Family Life Study is an ongoing, quasi-experimental study of participants in CareerAdvance® and a matched-comparison group of families whose children are enrolled in CAP’s early childhood education centers but whose parents chose not to enroll in CareerAdvance®. The study uses a rich array of quantitative and qualitative methods to examine the influence of CareerAdvance® on longer-term parent outcomes (educational attainment, career paths, earnings and financial stability), as well as child outcomes (academic success, motivation and engagement in school) and why certain CareerAdvance® pathways may produce better outcomes for some subgroups of low-income families and not others.
Effective start/end date9/30/139/29/14


  • Administration for Children and Families (90PH0020-03-00)


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