Catalytic Synthesis for Saturated Heterocycles

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Discoveries in chemical catalysis enable the efficient and sustainable construction of new molecules and materials with broad impact on pharmaceutical research, material science, and biomedical research. This proposal focuses on the continued successful development of new methods for synthesizing enantioenriched saturated heterocycles. By merging new photocatalytic strategies with our catalysis platforms, we are expanding the compatibility and applicability of our prior transformations. Our integrated synthesis and cooperative catalysis approach is distinct among current investigations. The discovery of new oxidative catalytic reactions driving innovative synthetic strategies is a crucial enterprise that enables synthesis to have a broad impact on a wide range of scientific endeavors. Given our major contributions to the catalysis field, we are strategically placed to make significant contributions to chemistry and science. The results from this work are vital to new reaction development by the entire chemical community and will facilitate the improved design and rapid synthesis of target compounds via catalysis. The knowledge obtained from this research plan is expected to: • Significantly expand the number and classes of heterocycles accessible using oxidative, photocatalytic Prins strategies (Goal 1) • Open new catalytic conjugate additions facilitated by chiral calcium complexes (Goal 2)
Effective start/end date8/1/227/31/23


  • National Science Foundation (NOT SPECIFIED)


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