CC-NIE Networking Infrastructure: High Performance Science Network (HPSNet) at Northwestern University

  • Walsh, Jay (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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Project Summary: CC-NIE High Performance Science Network (HPSNet) for Data Intensive Science Research at Northwestern University This proposal describes a High Performance Science Network (HPSNet) for scientific research that would interconnect select research laboratories, teaching, and instrumentation facilities on and between the two primary campuses of Northwestern University, thereby enhancing research capabilities and significantly expanding opportunities for interdisciplinary research. HPSNet will also provide access to multiple regional, national and international high performance networks. 21st century scientific research requires gathering, accessing, and analyzing extremely large volumes of data. Utilizing such data volumes requires high performance transport both across the campus and across wide regions, including globally. Consequently, research collaboration and applications require high performance, flexible, high capacity communication services and networks. HPSNet is planned as the initial component of a wider campus plan (that will be separately funded), which is also described in this proposal. Intellectual Merit of the Proposed Activities: Data intensive research requires capabilities that extend far beyond those that can be met by commonly deployed research and education (R&E) networks. Many scientific R&E programs conducted at the University require specialized communications services and facilities that cannot be addressed by the current campus networks. The proposed HPSNet would span the two primary Northwestern campuses of University which are 12.5 miles apart. This proposed network would allow scientific applications to utilize advanced, high performance, high capacity services designed specifically to support high volume data flows on dedicated optical fiber channels. In addition, HPSNet would provide direct access to remote resources through high performance regional, national, and international R&E networks. HPSNet would be implemented so that it would be isolated from the restrictions inherent in the general campus network, used to support data intensive science research only; it will not provide support for the general campus network while leveraging a common core infrastructure as a shared foundation.
Effective start/end date10/1/133/31/16


  • National Science Foundation (ACI-1341013)


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