Cell Farming: A Scalable & Translational Tissue Regeneration Platform Technology

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The objective of this collaboration is to translate Pandorum's bioengineered human tissue- namely, the Liquid Cornea formulation into human application through various stages of de-risking, to address unmet medical needs. These studies will be used as a platform for further studies assessing the viability of cellular infrastructures to serve as hepatic bioreactors, for example. Research scientists working on the collaboration will utilize the findings at Northwestern University to translate the processes of liquid cornea and bioartificial liver to potential clinical trials. Project Plans: Cell therapy and close coordination with the Center for Cellular Therapy for GMP based liquid cornea development to use in clinical trials. In addition, Hepatocyte cultures will be maintained as a base for future hepatic bioreactor development.
Effective start/end date1/4/221/3/25


  • Pandorum International Inc. (AGMT 1/5/22)


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