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Our vision is for adolescents to have skills to cope with adversity; avoid problem behaviors like substance use, risky sexual behavior, and violence; and, possess skills that enable the formation and sustainment of committed relationships, engaged parenting, full participation in civic life and productive economic activity. Center for Adolescent Health (CAH) continues to be supported by a Community Advisory Board and Youth Advisory Committee and we have added an Academic Advisory Board. This multi-dimensional approach is motivated by the fact that we conduct our work in a city where the life chances of many youth are severely compromised. Baltimore City is making progress, but adolescents continue to have significant health problems and disparities in health and well being. Our specific aims are to work with community partners and stakeholders to: 1. Continue the development of CAH as a multi-disciplinary research center conducting high-quality applied prevention research in partnership with community constituencies, including the Baltimore City Health Department and Baltimore City Public Schools, other City and State agencies, youth-serving organizations, parents, other advocates, and the youth in Baltimore City. 2. Improve public health practice affecting adolescents in Baltimore City, Maryland, through supporting applied prevention research that addresses gaps identified in collaboration with community stakeholders. 3. Apply and increase the knowledge and expertise of Johns Hopkins University and partners to address practical public health problems related to adolescents in Baltimore. 4. Design, implement, evaluate, and disseminate cost-effective methods and strategies for promoting the health and well-being of adolescents in Baltimore, the region and more widely. 5. Shorten the time lag between the development of new and proven effective disease prevention and health promotion strategies and their widespread application in Baltimore, the region and more widely. 6. Showcase the application of the practices described above by partnering with the Baltimore City Health Department, the Baltimore City Public Schools and other agencies and community constituencies to understand how to increase the impact of an evidence based program aimed at reducing the involvement of students in multiple health risk behaviors including substance use, violence and sexual risk-taking; and improve academic performance.
Effective start/end date9/30/139/29/14


  • Johns Hopkins University (2002058887 // U48 DP001919)
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2002058887 // U48 DP001919)


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