Center for Cleantech Entrepreneurial Excellence (C2E2)

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Northwestern activities supported under this project will include: Organizing a one-day workshop in Chicago area of 20-30 successful cleantech/energy innovators and entrepreneurs, energy-focused incubators and accelerators, energy-focused investors, energy technology-to-market advisors in local, state, and federal government (including applicable national labs), and foundations with an energy-technology focused mission. The workshop will be help sometime between March and June 2018 and the content will be based on planning sessions to take place early 2018. Arranging for travel for partners to participate in the workshop The expected outcome for these products would be enhanced advancement of cleantech entrepreneurship for the next generations based on the lessons learned over the past decade.
Effective start/end date1/25/1812/31/18


  • Carnegie Mellon University (1047188-401834)
  • Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (1047188-401834)


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