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Sara Becker will serve on the C-DIAS Research Core and will also serve as Principal Investigator of C-DIAS Research Project #2. As Principal Investigator of C-DIAS Research Project #2, Dr. Becker will oversee a 5-year study evaluating a multi-level implementation strategy to help opioid treatment centers install contingency management (CM) targeting stimulant use. Dr. Becker will assume full responsibility for overseeing all project activities including: recruiting 10 partner opioid treatment programs; providing the Science to Service Laboratory multi-level implementation strategy to all 10 partner programs; ensuring that each partner program submits data from 20 patient charts every 10 months; recruiting 1 patient per opioid treatment program per month (i.e., 10 patients per month; total of 500 patients); retaining patients and conducting patient follow-up interviews; obtaining and maintaining human ethics board approval; ensuring compliance with; and ensuring all reports required by the funder are submitted accurately and on time. Under the auspices of Dr. Becker, Northwestern University will assist Stanford University (Prime Applicant) in both the successful completion of C-DIAS Research Project #2 and successful partnership with the Research Core.
Effective start/end date8/1/225/31/27


  • Stanford University (62967837-199049 AMD1 // 5P50DA054072-02)
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (62967837-199049 AMD1 // 5P50DA054072-02)


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