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Dichtel will continue projects previously funded by the Center for Sustainable Polymers on cyclodextrin-based materials for water purification and dynamic polymer networks known as vitrimers, by synthesizing new monomers and their corresponding polymer networks. Once prepared, the new polymers will be structurally characterized, and their reprocessibility (for vitrimers) and pollutant uptake properties (for cyclodextrin polymers) will be measured. These results will be shared among member of the Center to facilitate collaboration. Northwestern students Max Klemes and Rachel Snyder will spend partial effort synthesizing and testing compounds on the water purification and vitrimer projects, respectively. Kalow will continue projects previously funded by the Center for Sustainable Polymers on exchange reactions for reprocessing and repairing cross-linked materials, through synthesis and kinetic measurements of new cross-linkers, their incorporation into polymer networks, and mechanical testing. New concepts in vitrimers will also be explored, such as the combination of associative and dissociative mechanisms, and new photochemical reactions for associative exchange. Collaborations with other Center members will also be pursued to incorporate bioderived polymers and study the materials by advanced characterization methods. Results will be shared within the Center to facilitate collaboration. A Northwestern graduate student (TBN) will spend 12-months effort on these projects.
Effective start/end date8/1/197/31/24


  • University of Minnesota (A008060101//CHE-1901635 Amd.3)
  • National Science Foundation (A008060101//CHE-1901635 Amd.3)


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