Chiampas Subproject for PFI: AIR-TT SAFE (Situational Awareness for Events): A Data Visualization System

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Overview: This Accelerating Innovation Technology Translation project seeks to expand the initial development and deployment of a data visualization system for mass participation endurance running events to the wider market of emergency management for mass gathering events. Our system is the first comprehensive dashboard for endurance event management. The system provides a dynamic representation of the flow of people and resources. At the core is a simulation tool that predicts and displays runner density on the course. Key Words: LOI submission: L02444733; Lineage: CMMI-1405231: GOALI: Improving Medical Preparedness, Public Safety and Security at Mass Events: 08/01/2014-07/31/2017 (and associated REU supplement); Areas of technical expertise: Data Analytics; Data Visualization; Disaster Preparedness and Response; Emergency Management
Effective start/end date9/15/162/29/20


  • National Science Foundation (IIP-1640736)


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