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Northwestern University’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences will house the Evaluation Core of the proposed center, led by Dr. C. Hendricks Brown. The evaluation core will be responsible for leading measurement planning and outcome evaluation for this center as well as for collaborating with Dr. Maryann Mason of Lurie’s Children Center to compile and validate data collected for the Illinois Violent Death Reporting System (IVDRS), a tool which will be designed to provide specific, local level feedback for the Bronzeville community. This information will be designed to provide contextual feedback about the impact of Communities that Care on acts that lead to violent behavior and events. Dr. Brown will also lead the methodological planning for the neighborhood informant survey and analyses in an effort to identify the mediating pathways through which Communities that Care is incorporated into and positively affects the community. Additionally, as part of the Northwestern team, Dr. Luis Amaral will work with Dr. Brown to conduct social network analyses to explore the diffusion of information, norms, and principles that relate to violence prevention as a result of the Communities that Care process and work of the proposed center. Finally, Dr. Brown and a lead biostatistician (TBD) will be responsible for designing and conducting community-level analyses that aim to provide feedback for the community about the effects of its efforts in violence prevention. These analyses will be designed in collaboration with the Co-PIs, Dr. Deborah Gorman-Smith from the University of Chicago and Pastor Chris Harris from Bright Star Community Outreach. Northwestern University personnel will contribute to building relationships with the community, communicating between the various personnel of the center, and disseminating information to both the community and to the academic community throughout the proposed project through meetings, email, and manuscript development.
Effective start/end date9/30/159/29/21


  • University of Chicago (FP061138 (5201068601-5)//5U01CE002712-07)
  • National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (FP061138 (5201068601-5)//5U01CE002712-07)


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