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Northwestern CDAC Partner Steve Jacobsen will support CDAC graduate student Hananh Bausch to conduct a dynamic compression study of dense oxides within the (Mg,Fe)O solid solution. By adding iron defects to MgO, the team will expand our understanding of how transition metals like Fe behave as defects within nominal insulators under shock, and by studying compositions from low-to-high Fe content (20-80 mol%FeO in MgO), the results from both DFT calculations and shock+shock-ramp will be applied to interpreting the seismic structure of the Earth's core-mantle boundary and terrestrial exoplanets much larger than than the Earth. The thermodynamic properties of (Mg,Fe)O with variable Fe content will be used to model possible Fe-enrichment of the lower mantle to explain the origin of the two large low shear velocity provinces (LLSVPs), the largest physical anomalies in the mantle. Samples of (Mg,Fe)O will be synthesized in Jacobsen's Northwestern lab with existing infrastructure. Dynamic compression experiments will be conducted at Sandia National Laboratory, with facilities support described in the Memorandum of Understanding (attached to this email), and graduate student RA support to be provided by CDAC.
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/24


  • University of Illinois at Chicago (18046-03 // DE-NA0003975 Mod 0010)
  • National Nuclear Security Administration (18046-03 // DE-NA0003975 Mod 0010)


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