Chicago Kidney Urology Hematology network FOR city-Wide reseArch tRaining and career Development (Chicago KUH FORWARD)

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This new U2C/TL1 application is responding to calls for innovative approaches to developing the Kidney, Urology Hematology (KUH) research workforce in order to address capacity building for KUH research. The Chicago Kidney Urology Hematology network FOR city-Wide reseArch tRaining and career Development (Chicago KUH FORWARD) is designed to address key challenges related to recruitment, advancement and retention of pre- and post-doctoral KUH trainees. Through activities of the Administrative, Network, Professional Development, and Training Cores we will implement multidimensional evidence-based interventions across the entire career development pipeline. Our bold vision is the creation of a vibrant ecosystem of diverse, talented, well-trained, and committed scientists adept at tackling complex questions through cross-disciplinary collaboration to prevent, treat and cure KUH diseases. All 6 Chicago KUH FORWARD institutions (Northwestern University, Lurie Children’s Hospital at Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Chicago, Rush University, and Loyola University) are strongly committed to the mission of strengthening the Chicago-wide KUH research workforce through innovative approaches to cross-disciplinary mentored training and development of unique resources for an integrated and vibrant community of KUH pre- and post-doctoral trainees (10 slots per career stage; 20 slots total). Strategies for integration include Multi-PI leadership, shared leadership of the Steering Committee, designation within the Cores of responsible co-investigators at each institution, membership on the Diversity, Trainee Selection and TL1 Core Executive Committees, and effort of overall Program Coordinator and Manager. Key personnel are KUH adult and pediatric specialists, clinical, basic and translational researchers, administrative, career development and training leaders, education and evaluation experts. Unique resources include cross-disciplinary mentorship; dedicated grant writers groups; facilitated peer mentoring sessions; portal with trainee-driven content and social media tools; opportunities to participate in high school, college and medical school outreach programs; cross-disciplinary seminars, workshops and journal clubs focused on cross-cutting tools; opportunities to present research in progress at outside institutions; and professional and social interactions with trainees, alumni and mentors across institutions. The centerpiece of the TL1 Core is mentored cross-disciplinary research that yields scientific products. CTSA resources and NIGMS-funded Postdoc Academy programming will be available to further enhance the array of professional development offerings that match to our proposed competencies for interdisciplinary training. Ongoing evaluation in partnership with evaluation and education experts and feedback from External Evaluation Board will allow for programmatic modifications in order to maximize the effectiveness of the program. Using innovative approaches, Chicago KUH FORWARD will transform KUH research training and have sustained beneficial effects on the KUH scientific community.
Effective start/end date9/15/215/31/26


  • National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (5U2CDK129917-03)


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