Chicago Unites in Research to End HIV (CURE HIV)

Project: Research project

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1. Participate in planning meetings 2. Develop focus group and interview protocols 3. Recruit participants for focus group and interviews 4. Conduct focus group and interviews with members of the target population 5. Analyze focus group interview data 6. Develop workshops, trainings, and assessment materials for community liaisons and researchers 7. Recruit participants for community-level workshops and researcher trainings 8. Conduct workshops and trainings for community liaisons and researchers 9. Analyze assessment data from workshops and trainings 10. Convene a community forum to disseminate project information 11. Convene a scientific forum to disseminate project information 12. Prepare reports 13. Disseminate findings
Effective start/end date11/15/162/28/19


  • AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC 03/27/2017)
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc. (AFC 03/27/2017)


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