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In accordance with the award specifications, Prof. Kalogera will use the funds to conduct research relating to the themes of the CIFAR Gravity and the Extreme Universe program: “The program addresses questions about the nature of extreme gravity, the origin and evolution of the universe, and the structure of compact objects such as black holes and neutron stars, and will answer other profound questions about fundamental physics and astrophysics.” ( As a CIFAR Senior Fellow, we expect that you will: • attend meetings of the Gravity and the Extreme Universe program and where appropriate, interact and collaborate with your fellow program members on research areas of interest to the Program, • include your CIFAR fellowship designation in your professional signature, following your primary university designation, and that you recognize CIFAR as a secondary affiliate institution when you submit research papers for publication, • submit a web-based, annual member report and respond to occasional requests by CIFAR staff for feedback regarding the Program and its impacts on your work, • identify and / or participate in knowledge outreach initiative, in collaboration with Institute staff and other program members, and • identify potential partnership / funding opportunities, in collaboration with Institute staff and other program members.
Effective start/end date7/1/173/31/23


  • Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (Letter FL-001189, Appointment 2830)


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