Circadian Laboratory (Turek and Vitaterna) for Normalizing Timing of Rhythms Across Internal Networks of Circadian Clocks (NTRAIN) PROJ0019251 SP0062775

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The NTRAIN program’s goal is to develop an integrated therapeutic biohybrid electronic system that the warfighter can use to control and adapt their own 24-hour temporal organization at central and peripheral levels in order to maximize readiness and performance, even when moving across time zones or experiencing shifts in mission requirements (e.g., changes from daytime to nighttime readiness). The success of this program will maximize warfighter performance by accelerating entrainment (by at least 50%) of the circadian and sleep/wake systems and mitigating disorganization of internalcircadian clocks.
Effective start/end date4/23/2110/22/28


  • Air Force Research Laboratory (FA8650-21-2-7119)


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