Clinical and Translational Science Award - Trans-NIH Research Support (Sub award)

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    The project will study the patterns of Covid transmission by conducting the first massive and scientifically randomized Covid antibody testing in the country. The project will build a risk-assessment tool that will use extensive data linkages to allow individuals, families, and health care professionals to assess individual and household risk. The project will partner with primary care health centers and local churches to engage and oversample racial/ethnic minorities and low-income persons, to obtain more accurate estimates for these groups and compensate for difficulties in reaching these populations. They will match antibody test results to viral test records to determine the proportion of infected persons who are seronegative. Through repeat testing of seropositive persons, they will assess antibody decay rates and new infection and reinfection rates.
    Effective start/end date9/24/205/31/23


    • Medical College of Wisconsin (AGMT Black 8/16/22 // 3UL1TR001436-07S1)
    • National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (AGMT Black 8/16/22 // 3UL1TR001436-07S1)


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