Clinical Research Consortium for the Study of Cerebellar Ataxias activities

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The three specific aims (primary areas of support for research) are: 1. Creation of a natural history cohort for ongoing analysis in order to facilitate clinical research investigations requiring quantitative assessment of disease status. Among the products of study of this cohort is the development of reliable and consistent measures for assessment of disease progression in patients. However, the data from this well characterized cohort also provides an invaluable resource for investigating the other features of the disease. 2. Creation of a DNA bank to facilitate genetics research through blood and tissue collection matched to high quality clinical data. 3. Support and advance translational studies through direct collaboration with researchers, including data sharing, biological sample collection and distribution, and consultation on experimental design and implementation. This work applies to all aspects of clinical research in cerebellar ataxia including clinical trials.
Effective start/end date8/1/1712/31/22


  • National Ataxia Foundation (Agmt 06-27-22)


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