Coleman 4R Patient Care Sequences for Cancer and Supportive Care

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The Coleman 4R Patient Care Sequences for Cancer and Supportive Care project aims to adapt and implement the 4R Oncology model of patient-centered care planning and delivery at participating institutions. Clinicians at these institutions will collaborate internally and externally, with other institutions, to adapt and implement 4R in two cancer areas (types) for their respective patients: breast and colorectal cancers.
4R means Right Information and Right Care for the Right Patient at the Right time. Under the 4R Model, each patient receives a 4R Care Sequence–an individualized plan for cancer and supportive care, specifying the timing / sequencing and responsibilities of various care across specialties. 4R is a tested, innovative approach to facilitate personalized cancer planning, to enable cancer patients / families to better manage their cancer care, and to help care teams to deliver “right care” to patients according to the individualized care sequences at the “right time and sequence.”
Effective start/end date10/1/1812/31/21


  • Coleman Foundation, Inc. (5903)


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