Collaborative Research: HCC: Medium: TouchBots for Surface Haptics

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The fingertip is a remarkable multimodal sensor capable of detecting sustained as well as vibratory forces, local deformation such as braille cells or raised lines, surface hardness/softness, warmth/coolness, and endless types of textures. There are compelling reasons to exploit these sensory capabilities in interfaces: touch screen accessibility for the vision impaired, low-distraction automotive interfaces, interaction in AR/VR, as well as remote touch for social, medical and retail purposes. The wealth of commercially important use cases has led to a burgeoning market for haptic technologies in-cluding vibrotactile, wearables, and variable friction surface haptics. And yet none of the extant tech-nologies engages more than a small fraction of the stimuli listed above. This project will lead to a pow-erful new class of devices with a greatly expanded suite of haptic feedback capabilities.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/24


  • National Science Foundation (IIS 2106191)


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