Collaborative Research: NSF-BSF: WoU-MMA: Crossing the Chasm: From Compact Object Mergers to Cosmic Fireworks

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This is a Collaborative NSF-BSF proposal. The US-based team is composed of Dr. Barniol Duran (Sac State), Dr. Dimitrios Giannios (Purdue University) and Dr. Tchekhovskoy (Northwestern University). The Israel-based team is composed of Dr. Omer Bromberg (Tel Aviv University) and Dr. Paz Beniamini (Open University of Israel). The main idea of this grant proposal is to run magneto-hydrodynamical simulations of astrophysical jets launched as a result of the merger of two compact objects. We will use the results of general relativistic simulations of compact objects mergers (both neutron star – neutron star, and neutron star –black hole) as initial conditions for our simulations. Our simulations will follow the jet from small to large scales and we will calculate its electromagnetic signal through the different stages: collimation, breakout, and afterglow, from any observer angle. We are interested in the effect that the ambient gas has in the jet collimation, the effect of the initial configuration of the magnetic field, possible jet instabilities that develop as the jet interacts with the ambient gas, the jet lateral structure and how these play a role in current and future observations.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/24


  • National Science Foundation (AST-2107839)


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