Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Medium: Quicksilver: a Write-oriented, Private, Outsourced Database Management System

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Our proposed research vision is to build QUICKSILVER a first of its kind of secure multi-version database system that offers updates and transactions to be run on untrusted and/or mutually distrustful distributed systems while ensuring strong privacy guarantees. QUICKSILVER ensures that data is encrypted at rest so that a snapshot attacker can not uncover the data. To ensure efficient query processing and full support for ACID, QUICKSILVER ensures access patterns are hidden under strong differential privacy guarantees such that an attacker observing the query evaluation can not tell whether or not a record in the database being stored. Enabling this vision requires support for query answering, concurrent updates and transactions. We will achieve this by researching how to 1) perform privacy-preserving multi-query optimization and view materialization, 2) perform efficient updates and provide support to maintain multiple versions of the data, 3) extending concurrency control and recovery to this setting. We will research novel techniques in oblivious query processing, secure multiparty computation, and differentially private algorithms to make this possible.
Effective start/end date10/1/209/30/24


  • National Science Foundation (CNS-2016240)


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