Community network driven COVID-19 testing among most vulnerable populations in the Central United States

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The Subcontractor shall work closely with the research team at the Prime to develop and implement an interview protocol in the Network Canvas software that will be deployed to all eight parent sites across the central United States who will be collecting data through network interviews in this study. The Subcontractor will incorporate insights derived from community-engaged work lead by the Prime into the design of the study protocol and will work closely with parent sites to identify and address any technical obstacles that arise during the recruitment period of the study. The Subcontractor shall train project sites on how to identify community leaders and stakeholders for a project-wide community advisory board and implement community engagement methods throughout all phases of the research project. In addition, the subcontractor will train and support the sites to conduct Stakeholder Academic Resource Panels (ShARP) to adapt COVID-19 prevention messages and contact tracing strategies for the project. The subcontractor will also utilize mixed methods surveys and stakeholder interviews throughout the project to assess project implementation, sustainability of interventions, and community engagement and capacity building. The Subcontractor will assist in the development and deployment of the study protocol to all research sites using the Network Canvas software suite, an NIH-funded digital social network data capture tool directed by Site PI/Co-I Dr. Gregory Phillips II and Co-I Dr. Michelle Birkett. Their team will provide consultation on the protocol implementation in the Network Canvas tool and offer dedicated technical assistance to eight project parent sites throughout Year 1 of the study. This assistance will consist of providing robust Network Canvas training materials to parent sites for dissemination to CBOs, identifying and resolving emergent bugs in the software reported to the study team, and troubleshooting any substantial technical issues that
Effective start/end date9/30/208/31/22


  • The University of Chicago (AWD101615 (SUB00000363) // 3UG1DA050066-03S1)
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (AWD101615 (SUB00000363) // 3UG1DA050066-03S1)


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