Comparing HIV Mucosal Targets in US and Kenyan Populations

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1-2 lab members from Nairobi will travel to Chicago for 2-8 weeks to undergo training in explant culture, fluorescent deconvolution microscopy, and viral production. The goal is to complete this task by March-April 2017.Senior Hope lab personal will visit Nairobi to continue the training and optimize training to available equipment. The goal is to visit for 10-14 days after training has occurred in Chicago. This training will continue until the capabilities ate established in Nairobi.Dr. Hope will help interpret data generated and play a role in experimental design.Infectious Molecular Clones isolated by IAVI/KAVI DNA will be sent to Chicago to begin the generation of virus stocks needed for explant and CVL challenge experiments. Large scale plasmid preps will be generated throughout the year and sent to Nairobi as needed. We will also generate and characterize viral stocks generated from these constructs. We will also generate Reporter vector stocks to be used in explant challenge studies in Chicago and Kenya.Virus techniques (#4) developed and learned in Chicago will be used to produce and characterize virus in NairobiUtilize virus generated in Nairobi and Chicago to study viral replication in rectal, endocecivical, ectocervical, and other explant cultures, along with PBMCs and tissue culture cells. The infected and transduced cells will be evaluated by flow cytometry and microscopy of tissue sections and isolated cells.
Effective start/end date1/1/1712/31/21


  • International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (7503// AID-OAA-A-16-00032)
  • Agency for International Development (7503// AID-OAA-A-16-00032)


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