Comparing the Effectiveness of Clinicians and Paraprofessionals to Reduce Disparities in Perinatal Depression

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In this PCORI project, we will determine whether paraprofessional home visitors can achieve similar reductions in depressive symptoms and prevention of new cases of major depression as mental health professionals when delivering MB. We are also interested in several other patient-centered outcomes, such as quality of life, parenting practices, engagement in pleasant activities, and relationship with one’s partner. This project focuses on a critical issue for HV programs, as these programs could use their paraprofessional staff to deliver MB should we find similar results in mental health outcomes for women receiving MB from paraprofessionals versus professionals. This project also addresses a critical issue for patients affected by postpartum depression, as most low-income women experiencing postpartum depression symptoms do not access mental health services via other settings (e.g., community mental health centers, primary care) and are seeking mental health services provided in a non-stigmatizing fashion.
Effective start/end date8/1/1610/1/20


  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (AD-1507-31473)


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