COMPASS: Capturing and Analyzing Sensor and Self-Report Data for Clinicians and Researchers

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Everyfit, Inc. (“EveryFit”) is a technology company founded at MIT with expertise and competency in developing mobile sensor-based applications that objectively and continuously measure aspects of user behavior using the phone’s built-in sensors and external sensors. (e.g. gait analysis, activity type). EveryFit is submitting a proposal for an SBIR contract in response to PHS 2013-1 topic 322 titled “Real-Time Integration of Sensor and Self-Report Data for Clinical and Research Applications”. In response to the solicitation, EveryFit proposes to develop a device-agnostic platform that measures and delivers evidence-informed customizable rehabilitation services to cancer survivors using mobile phones/tablets, objective measurement sensors (such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, electrodermal response for affect, indoor location) and self-report. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (“Northwestern”) is a research-intensive medical school that, through its affiliates, provides patient care to thousands of individuals every year. If an SBIR contract is awarded to EveryFit related to PHS 2013-1 Topic 322, EveryFit intends to engage Northwestern as a subcontractor to provide critical clinical and research support for the project. EveryFit and Northwestern will formalize the subcontracting relationship if the SBIR contract is awarded. At this time, both parties have agreed to the following arrangement:
Effective start/end date9/1/133/21/17


  • EveryFit, Inc. (Agmt 1/9/14 // HHSN261201300055C)
  • National Cancer Institute (Agmt 1/9/14 // HHSN261201300055C)


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