Computing Innovation Fellows 2020 Project

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I will develop an interactive learning environment called PURPLE where novice programmers complete purpose-first programming. I will design and build PURPLE in multiple stages. First, I will use an off-the-shelf interactive learning platform to build PURPLE vl.0. Next, I will perform a formative study using PURPLE vl.0 to inform design decisions about new features. Then, I will use an iterative design process to build PURPLE v2.0 that incorporates real-time feedback mechanisms to support purpose-first programming. Finally, I will evaluate the effectiveness of PURPLE v2.0 for building self­-efficacy and programming skills among novice programmers.
Effective start/end date1/1/2112/31/22


  • Computing Research Association, Inc. (CIF2020-NWU-13//CCF-2030859)
  • National Science Foundation (CIF2020-NWU-13//CCF-2030859)


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