Conference: Active Matter and Complex Media

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Partial travel support is requested for students and young researchers to attend the international Summer School on " Active Matter and Complex Media " in Cargese (Corsica Island, France). Intellectual Merit: The school will meet in September-October 2022, to discuss the challenges and approaches in the experimental design and theoretical modeling of the mechanics of active, self-propelled particles, both living and biomimetic. The conference has a strong interdisciplinary character involving researchers from different disciplines (physics, engineering, applied mathematics, biology) as well as different generations (expert senior scientists and students). Broader Impacts : The school integrates research and teaching aimed at training the future generations of engineers, physicists, and biologists to effectively cooperate, which can have significant academic and technological benefits. The scientific program brings together an impressive group of lecturers. Over 30 internationally renowned speakers (including 7 women and 10 from US Institutions) have been invited. The proposed support will help to recruit students and young researchers from US to attend the school, which potentially has great impact on their careers. The school will be held in a 13-day period, with long 3 hour-lectures on the fundamentals on weekday mornings and short 45min seminar-style lectures on novel/advanced topics in the afternoons.
Effective start/end date5/15/224/30/23


  • National Science Foundation (CBET-2227695)


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