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The International Workshop on HIV Dynamics and Evolution is an important venue for the dissemination of knowledge relevant to the dynamic interplay between the virus, the host and its immune system. The meeting is unique in its focus on gaining a theoretical understanding and mathematical description of the evolutionary processes that underpin HIV/AIDS. From the beginning, the meeting has informed the field about subject areas that are new or established, but in need of critical appraisal. It addresses emerging concepts and trends that can provide insight into the mechanisms that underlie host-pathogen interactions and contribute to the emergence, spread, and containment of HIV/AIDS. The meeting focuses on the nature and extent of HIV genetic variation, the biological and evolutionary processes that have produced the observed patterns, and the human genes and their relevant genetic variants. Participants explore how evolutionary approaches can answer questions about virulence and drug resistance, and HIV vaccine design. The topic areas are presented in detail and have minimal overlap with that covered in other meetings. The multidisciplinary venue permits trainees and young investigators just starting their career paths to interact closely with internationally recognized experts. A Program Committee oversees content, chooses the abstracts for oral or poster presentation, and selects the session chairpersons with a preference for young investigators who are developing their reputations in the scientific community and revitalizing the field. The committee awards partial stipends on the basis of need. Preference is given to young investigators who will present their work, particularly those individuals who are from minority groups underrepresented in the field, and investigators from resource-limited countries. The committee ensures the quality, novelty and consistency of a highly interactive meeting. A 20-year history documents feasibility, expertise in the topic, and a track record of working together. Critically, no other meeting addresses these emerging topics in such detail, which will lay the foundation for future research directions and accelerate scientific progress in the future. The specific aims of the meetings are to bring together a diverse group of individuals—from mathematicians and theoreticians to experimental biologists and geneticists—to: facilitate communication of the most recent results relating to HIV dynamics and evolution; provide a forum for debate and discussion of alternative hypotheses in these areas; and integrate new mathematical approaches into pathogenesis research, drug therapy, and vaccine design
Effective start/end date5/1/135/31/13


  • American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR) (108613-53-RAGN)


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