Conflicts and clashes: Inequality emerging from non-dominant identity and cultural experiences

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The current mentoring and research plan details how a William T. Grant mentoring grant will support the scholar and mentee in their joint development as scholars and as a mentoring team. These goals will advance their collective work related to culture, institutions, identity, and reducing inequalities. More specifically, the grant will encourage the scholar’s capacity as a mentor to leverage past experiences, provide networking opportunities, and to positively influence their larger work environment. The grant will also encourage the mentee’s capacity to reach greater integration into academic communities with peers, mentors, and advocates, in addition to preparing her to mentor other students of color. By providing a stipend for the mentee, the scholar and mentee will have sufficient time to collaborate at Northwestern and pursue their mentoring goals. The grant will allow the mentee to expand her lines of research on identity conflicts and cultural clashes, and their role in perpetuating inequalities for underrepresented students. Last, the opportunities afforded by the grant will help to prepare the mentee for the academic job market.
Effective start/end date7/1/1812/30/20


  • William T. Grant Foundation (188943)


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