Consortium Member and Peripheral Neuropathy Research Registry Agreement

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The PNRR is being developed to better characterize clinical phenotypes of patients with peripheral neuropathies and generate a cohort of well-studied patient population. Currently, limited data exist to define characteristics of patients with painful peripheral neuropathy. The primary goal and specific aims of the PNRR will be: i) to develop a multi-center cohort of well-characterized peripheral neuropathy patients with and without neuropathic pain in a natural history study ii) to identify phenotypic clinical features of patients with peripheral neuropathic pain iii) to identify biomarkers that correlate with presence of peripheral neuropathic pain The data in the PNRR aims to help researchers’ access to detailed phenotypic history and neurological examination information about people with painful and non-painful peripheral neuropathies. The PNRR will facilitate both basic and clinical research studies that will bring improved understandings of the etiology and pathogenesis of peripheral neuropathy. Ultimately, this research may result in improved diagnosis, more effective treatments and prevention of neuropathic pain.
Effective start/end date1/1/18 → 12/31/23


  • Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy (FPN AGMT 12-22-22)


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