Continued Research and Evaluation on Community Engagement Initiative and Neighborhood Policing Initiative

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During the period for this additional funding from the Joyce Foundation, N3 will complete second and third waves of interviews in district 25. Specifically, N3 plans to conduct 60-minute semi-structured interviews with 10 DCOs and 60-minute semi-structured interviews with 14-15 community members in June and July 2019. This process will repeat in December 2019. N3 will continue observing bi-weekly DCO meetings and community events. Additionally, it will observe officer community-engagement training and two quarterly meetings between DCO and community experts who have been selected as community ambassadors. N3 is also working on being able to ride along with DCOs as they engage residents. Over the same period, N3 will begin conducting interviews and observations in the proposed expansion district, District 15. If there are no more delays, N3 will be able to conduct baseline interviews with 15 DCOs and 15 community experts/residents in May/June 2019. That will mean N3 can complete a second round of semi-structured interviews by November/December 2019. Additionally, N3 will begin observing community events in April 2019 and continue observing officer trainings and debriefs as they arise. During the second grant period N3 will have finished integrating the various quantitative datasets described above, come up with meaningful spatial comparisons for the quasi-experimental analyses, and have preliminary results comparing outcomes in the treatment areas (in District 25) with those in the control areas. N3 is also working closely with CPD and The Policing Project to ensure we gain access to new sources of data that are being created vis-à-vis NPI within the districts.
Effective start/end date5/1/193/31/20


  • New York University (RA392-01 // 18-38930)
  • Joyce Foundation (RA392-01 // 18-38930)


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