Convective Effects on Solid/Liquid Interface Dynamics in the Freeze-Casting Process

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In an effort to reduce detrimental gravity-driven effects and simplify the freeze-cast system, we propose to investigate the solidification process utilizing the relatively long-term microgravity environment provided by a CubeSat. Here, we study the morphological evolution of the solidifica-tion front as well as particle redistribution, including the effects of multi-particle/SLI and particle-particle interactions in an environment where behavior under study is controlled primarily by heat and mass diffusion. Inevitably, this approach will provide experimental data unencumbered by ex-traneous gravitationally-induced forces, while also allowing for the quantification of gravitational effects.
Effective start/end date5/9/169/30/21


  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (NNX16AI78A)


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