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BIT Core Scope of Work: Coordination Access Resources Education 4 Epilepsy (Project CARE 4 Epilepsy) The BIT Core will provide development expertise and support for the above project through collaboration, software development, and behavioral intervention technology support. This includes implementing the infrastructure that allows Dr. Falcone to: 1. Implement a patient-facing web application that allows participants to interact with a closed social network around content and tools, as well as receive notifications. 2. Utilize researcher dashboard that allows researchers to enroll participants, customize participants’ notification content and release schedule, monitor the study, as well as access data exports. 3. Employ support to make modifications based on user feedback based on hours available. In addition to the BIT Core’s responsibilities listed above, the following parties will be responsible for the following assets and labor: 1. BIT Core will provide server hosting and maintenance for system described above. This will consist of a typical Ubuntu Linux server hosted on the Northwestern network. 2. Dr. Falcone will be responsible for implementing any major app-facing components, including providing the textual and visual content. 3. Dr. Falcone will primarily be responsible for acquiring any DNS domain names. BIT Core will provide assistance mapping those domains to point to Northwestern servers (see #1 above). 4. Dr. Falcone will be solely responsible for recruitment & compensation of research subjects. 5. BIT Core will provide a reasonable amount of support assisting Dr. Falcone using the system. This support can take the form of user & developer documentation as well as e-mail or phone assistance needed to help Dr. Falcone’s team to begin using the intervention. Important notes / clarifications: Any core modifications made to the system that are not specific to the interventions will be contributed back to the open-source project. Elements specific to the project, such as the intervention design and supporting web assets (ie content and images) will become the property of Dr. Falcone. This SOW and associated budget do not include Dr. Joyce Ho’s support of Dr. Falcone’s project. Dr. Ho is the site-PI at Northwestern University. Please refer to the budget justification document for details regarding her responsibilities.
Effective start/end date1/1/168/31/16


  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation (693-sub//H98MC26260-03-01)
  • Health Resources and Services Administration (693-sub//H98MC26260-03-01)


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