Creation of prosthetic iris using 3D printing and computer aided design (CAD) technology - Henning, Nathaniel - ISPB

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The goal of our research is to evaluate the feasibility of creating a biocompatible prosthetic iris for managing aniridia using 3D-printing technology. More specifically, our objective is to use computer-aided image design (CAD) software and manufacturing, along with 3D-printing, to create a biocompatible, silicone iris prosthesis that closely matches the patient’s other eye. We hypothesize that we will be able to manufacture a customized, medical grade iris prosthesis using 3D printing and CAD technology. To the best of our knowledge, these technologies have not been utilized to make iris prostheses.
Effective start/end date7/1/207/2/20


  • Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness (Letter 6/4/20)


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