Critical Theory in the Global South

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Critical Theory in the Global South is a new curriculum initiative which aims to
impact critical theory training, bringing a more diverse understanding of critical theory
— with an initial focus on Latin America — to the European traditions largely
dominating its self-descriptions and core curriculum in the United States as well as
Europe. The result will be a more globally expansive understanding of critical theory
impacting undergraduate and graduate teaching of this field.
The project is innovative in that the new teaching materials will be produced
through collaboration between faculty with shared research foci in different regions, and
the participation of visiting international graduate students fellows specializing in these
same research areas. The formats for intensive discussion will enable participating faculty
and students to debate commonalities and differences in their critical theory teaching
approaches, aims, context, background, presuppositions and methodologies. Workshops
for participants at different universities will play an important role in these reflections,
leading to further collaborations. The resulting curriculum materials will enhance to the
Consortium’s web resources for critical theory programs and so its capacity to make
tangible contribution to critical theory graduate training and undergraduate education,
and to its teaching cultures. As publicly accessible resources, these will also contribute to
the Consortium’s fostering of global perspectives on critical theory.
Long term impact will be seen in the contribution to graduate training, the
establishment of a number of new inter-university cooperations, and the impact on
curriculum project particularly in the generation of open access teaching resources.
Impact on participating institutions is anticipated with each project’s having made
provisions for a multi-year period commitment to the new teaching areas so as to give
them the opportunity to become established.
Effective start/end date1/1/178/31/21


  • Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (Agmt 12/16/2016)


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