CSGrad4US Mentoring Program

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Co-PI Russ Joseph will design, implement and execute, in collaboration with other co-PIs, a new mentoring program for recipients of the recently announced NSF CSGrad4US PhD Fellowships initiative. The program is targeted at recent computer science BS and MS graduates currently in the workforce and returning to graduate school for a PhD in computer science. The goals of the mentoring program are (1) to guide returning students through the application process towards a successful CS PhD admission and school selection, and (2) mentor them through the transition to PhD graduate study in the first year towards high retention. The Mentoring Program will include both a group mentoring component addressing more general aspects of the graduate application process and an individual coaching component.
Effective start/end date6/1/213/31/23


  • Computing Research Association, Inc. (CNS2123180-CRA-Northwestern)
  • National Science Foundation (CNS2123180-CRA-Northwestern)


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