Dangerous driving behavior interventions through the usage of telematics data

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It is a well-established fact that the number one cause of death in male youths around the ages of 15 – 29 is road accidents globally. Youth are well known to be aggressive behind wheels. Today, almost everyone uses a smart hand phone, especially youths. These smarts phones are equipped with accurate built-in GPS and are portable telematics devices. Based on the above literature, the main aim of this study is to demonstrate that telematics devices with proper feedback mechanism (protocols) can be used as a mean of direct intervention to reduce risky driving behavior amongst young adult drivers in Qatar. The feedback mechanism will be customized for each driver based on risk profiling through obtained telematics data. Artificial intelligent will be designed in the feedback mechanism to provide such customized feedback. The secondary aim will be to create indirect interventions through the usage of telematics data for traffic violations citations and UBI without infringing data security and privacy. Here changes to existing national policies (Qatar) will be proposed. In general the project has three dimensions (1) Scientific – module development for existing mobile/smartphone application, (2) social sciences in using telematics devices for direct behavior interventions and (3) legal from the perspective of using telematics devices for traffic violations and usage based insurance.
Effective start/end date1/5/201/4/22


  • Qatar University (NPRP12S-0129-190017)
  • Qatar National Research Fund (NPRP12S-0129-190017)


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