Data Acquisition and Analysis for the MUonE Pilot Run

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The MUonE collaboration intends to perform a precision measurement of contributions to the muonanomalous magnetic moment using CERN’s 150 GeV muon beam line. The design of the develop-ing MUonE experiment utilizes silicon sensors and readout electronics from the High-LuminosityLHC (Phase-2) upgrade of the CMS experiment’s Outer Tracker detector. The CERN SPS/PSExperiments Committee recently approved a MUonE pilot run, which is presently scheduled forthe end of 2021. This run will employ a small-scale detector system built from prototype CMSPhase-2 sensors and electronics to demonstrate the feasibility of a full-scale MUonE experiment.Professor Hahn proposes to spearhead the development and commissioning of the data acquisi-tion (DAQ) system for the MUonE pilot run and to help drive the analysis of the experiment’s firstcollected data. This work will seek to confirm that experimental uncertainties can be controlled atthe level required for precision measurement, and it will guide the design and proposal of a full-scaleexperiment.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/24


  • National Science Foundation (PHY-2111556-01)


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