Investigating the Mechanisms of CD44s Splice Isoform in Breast Cancer Metastasis

  • Cheng, Chonghui (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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In summary, we showed that CD44s is essential for breast tumor metastasis. CD44s is associated with lipid rafts and activates Akt signaling. Our preliminary data suggested that the interaction between CD44s and IGF1R occurs in lipid rafts and we will determine whether this interaction is critical for Akt activation and a metastatic phenotype mediated by CD44s. We believe that these studies are highly clinical relevant and novel. Understanding the mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis would provide a scientific foundation for the identification of novel therapeutic targets to treat this deadly metastatic breast cancer.
Effective start/end date9/1/138/31/14


  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Awarded 09/12/13)


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