Developing an HIV Prevention Intervention for Young MSM through Improved Parent-Child Communication

Project: Research project

Project Details


Project Focus: The goal of the intervention is to improve the quality and frequency of parent
communication with their Adolescent MSMs regarding HIV and sexual health.
Services Provided: Software development, project management, application hosting, Redcap
survey programming, and graphic design.
In collaboration with Dr. David Huebner, the RADD team will develop the following
Patient Facing Application
• A mobile responsive web-based application without offline functionality.
• Components of application:
o A screening page that determines the eligibility of potential participants. If
participants are ineligible then they view the video. If they
are eligible, then they view an intro video that allows them to consent for their
research project. they’re want to review the video, they would have to go through
the screening process again. In order to be eligible, the son must also consent to
be eligible and participate.
o Participants authentication life-cycle – eligible participants must sign in using a
username/email and password.
o There will be two arms to the study: Control and Intervention.
o Control group will only receive the video.
o Intervention group will receive the video plus
module content.
o There will be 8 mandatory modules and 5 supplemental modules.
o The content of the modules will consist of video, images, text, and
interactivities that allow parents to choose good, better, best options and
are then prompted to make a commitment to one.
o Text pages will be narrated and video pages will have closed captioning.
o There will be email and text reminders
• Redcap surveys: Four Redcap surveys for parents and two surveys for sons with minimal
branching logic will be programed and internally tested.
• Graphic Design work will consist of simple animated videos using Vyond, gifs, and stock
Researcher Facing Application:
• Will be able to assign create participant and admin accounts
• Will be able to input intervention content.
• Will be able to export participant usage data in .csv format.
o Note: Personal information of participants will be not be collected by the
Ongoing Project Needs
• Hosting of completed intervention on Northwestern University servers for the duration of
the project (1 year).
• Maintenance of application during the duration of the project (1 year).
• Provide project management support for the duration of the project.
• Redcap surveys will be programmed by the RADD team using GWU’s version of
Redcap. After the beginning of the pilot project, RADD team members will not have
access to Redcap.
Other Responsibilities
In addition to the RADD team responsibilities listed above, the following parties will be
responsible for the following assets and labor:
• Dr. David Huebner will also be responsible for non-service charges such as graphic
design software, video streaming software (Vimeo), third party SMS platform (Twilio)
and purchasing SSL certificates.
• Dr. David Huebner will be responsible for providing and inputting the textual and visual
• Dr. David Huebner will be solely responsible for obtaining any appropriate institutional
regulatory approvals for the project.
• Dr. David Huebner will be solely responsible for recruitment & compensation of
research subjects (if applicable).
• The RADD Team will provide a reasonable amount of training to Dr. David Huebner’s
research team in how to use the system. This support can take the form of user &
Effective start/end date9/1/181/31/20


  • George Washington University (18-M61//5R34MH112445-03)
  • National Institute of Mental Health (18-M61//5R34MH112445-03)


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